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Nicola Toms' studio, a sculpture in progress with sculpting materials and tools and a charcoal drawing of the sculpture in progress

Over the 30 years I’ve been in London, mostly in the East End, I find myself constantly reaching back into my early years spent amongst wildlife and a lot of cattle with a side of gold mining in the mix. Rich with wild & domestic beasts, birds of all types, I was very happily lost in a slice of time, Zimbabwe.


London circa 1996, a path opened up when Mark Kennedy of Bronze Age Foundry, London on the Limehouse Marina let me in to work in his foundry with no previous experience.  It was there that I learned most of what I know, I owe him thanks. A medium to show you what I see.


My sculptures have been and still are sold worldwide, I’ve exhibited widely with good galleries and I’ve had some fabulous private commissions.  I take on a couple of private commissions each year whilst working on my own projects. I draw too and in October 2023, I bought together a large body of work 6 years in the making:



Logo for my website linked to this site called Corvus Corone London
Nicola Toms Exhibition called LOT 54

"Unique, Quirky & Brave"

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